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10th Internatio​nal Conference on Archaeolog​ical Prospectio​n

Call for papers (Vienna - 2013)
The conference organisers welcome extended abstracts for

  • oral presentations (15 minutes including questions),
  • 3-minute multimedia on-screen flash presentations (e.g. flash PowerPoint, movie)
  • and poster presentations (portrait A0 poster).

The submission of abstract proposals should be done by using the form available in the submission page (http://abstracts.webges.com/ap2013). Authors are required to create a new user account and enter their contact information.

In a five stage process after login the following information can be entered:

  1. Title, Type and Topic of the abstract. Conference topics are:
  • Archaeological feedback
  • GIS and prospection
  • Integrated prospection approaches
  • Interpretation and presentation
  • Processing and visualization
  • Technical aspects (poster submissions only)

    2. Information on author(s) and affiliation(s).
It is required to specify submitting as well as presenting author.

   3. An affirmation that the submitting author agrees to the publication of the accepted abstract in the "Abstract Book" and on the conference website prior to the meeting.

   4. The abstract body, consisting of up to 2,000 words or 15,000 characters. Up to 4 figures and up to 4 tables can be included by clicking on the "Insert Image" or "Table" icon. Images can be submitted in colour or monochrome.
The following image resolutions shall be used when submitting digital artwork:
1200 DPI/PPI for monochrome  (e.g. line graphs)
300 DPI/PPI for halftones (CMYK/RGB/Greyscale images not containing any text labelling)
600 DPI/PPI for combination halftones

   5. All graphics should be submitted at their actual size (100% of their print dimensions with no scaling necessary). Please crop all figures so that no white space is bordering the figure.All entered abstracts can be saved, previewed and submitted once all mandatory information has been entered.

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