terça-feira, 1 de outubro de 2013

The international conference on ‘Geospatial Momentum for Society and Environment’

Potential conference themes are (but not limited to): 1.Natural resources 2.Climate studies 3.Environmental impact assessment 4.Natural Disaster and Risk Management 5.Flood Modeling – its mitigation and response 6.Regional planning; Urban planning and Governance 7.Urban Infrastructure 8.Modeling Urban Dynamics using GIS ,Remote Sensing and Urban Growth Models 9.3D Cities (BIM; LiDAR) 10.Monitoring and Modeling of Urban Sprawl using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques 11.Geo-Modeling and maintaining Geospatial data 12.Demographic and Socioeconomic Modeling 13.Spatio Temporal Data management 14.Geospatial Database, Spatial Search, Data Mining and Geo-Social Networks 15.National Spatial Data Integration (NSDI) 16.Internet based Applications and Open Source tools integration 17.OGC’s Advanced Standards for Built Environment and 3D 18.LiDAR processing and Data Analysis 19.Mobile GIS and Cloud Computing; Android applications for Mobile GIS – ArcGIS 20.QGIS for Android; Mobile Spatial interaction 21.LBS Applications in both Real world and Virtual Spaces 22.Indoor and Outdoor Location, Way finding and Navigation Para mais informações: http://agse2013-cept.in/

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